Monthly Archives: January 2009

Encounters / Art

Today I had decided to see Paul, who is responsible for different art courses at Sint Lucas, since the EMG group isn’t working on wednesdays anyway. An interesting character with a worn leather jacket and a fluffy shock of gray hair, looking very much like the artist and residing in a cellar office where every […]

Oblique tuesday pictures

(Self-portrait with postcards depicting diploma works of last year’s Sint Lucas masters.) “Mommy, Is that poster supposed to look that way? Is he the Blue Joker Killer?”


Tuesday meant registration at the main exchange office and a good way to get a stroll to yet another area of Antwerp, but still some paperwork was left hanging: the fire insurance. I haven’t yet used public transportation, walking hasn’t become annoying yet so I’m happy to wait for the chance to buy a fixie/single. […]