Antwerp, evening

Forced by necessity, I had to go out for some more commodities on saturday, but from it followed some impressions of the city. Right near my flat there is for instance several stores or winkels selling string instruments. There is also one rather interesting seller of used books who really has the concept of the display window figured out.





I wonder what the bookseller would do if someone, for instance, asks for the book with “Hitler” scribbled on it? Perhaps the windows open from the outside.


My flat is just a short walk south of the centre and a few hundred meters from what can be inferred to be the so called “hip fashion district”. There are several well-known brand stores, and many smaller fashion shops – many trying to make their display windows look interesting and sales-y as the winter sales are in full rush.

It can be noted, that in this area a large percent of the populace look like fashion designers. Which is interesting, because fashion designers probably want to dress originally – but taken as a group, they form a certain recoginzable whole. Even though they don’t dress the same, you can see a certain approach in the way they dress. It has something to do with attention to detail, and a judicious use of black. The flagship store of Yohji Yamamoto is all about black and white. No “sales” signs to be seen here:


The very center of Antwerp: the cathedral is the impressively half- or one-thirds-finished



The city cleaning squad was just running up some fancy new gear.



Findin Emo… The quality of the local graffiti culture is striking. There isn’t that much of it, but clearly this is a town without “Stop Töhryille”.


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