Monday meant the beginning of a regular work week in Antwerp – whatever that means for me. I skedaddled over to Sint Lucas to check up on the Experimental Media lab and arrange the paperwork with the school.


On the way were some thoughtfully parked bicycles.


The Sint Lucas campus is unassuming, a bit strange and in a little disarray. Surprisingly, there is also a highschool in the same premises. I luckily happened on Lucas and Frank the exchange coordinator while bumbling about the building. The exchange coordinator was something of a benevolent and balanced version of a John Malkovich character, he was flapping his hands, finding it excellent that I already got my exchange funding, and admitting to not have any idea about what the nodebox thing is about; “I’m just a photographer”. However, the real paperwork was postponed until tuesday when I go to the main exchange office. Luckily they have at least done away with the necessity to visit the aliens police to register.

Lucas gave me a tour of the campus, which is a jumble of different houses around a somewhat odd courtyard. It is decidedly an art school, with strange artefacts littering the corridors. I also got to meet several professors, and the other two guys in the EMG. Naturally I don’t remember the names of most of them.



The Belgian press is still all about the famous “Joker Killer”. A headline said he was “the quietest in the class”. Interestingly, one paper had no less than two lottery ads named “Joker” on the same front page as the news.

I am wondering a bit on how to get into the circuits here in Antwerp. As I don’t have any regular courses booked, it won’t be all too easy to get to know other students at Sint Lucas. Maybe I should pay the student services a visit – it will be dull not to meet different people here.

Self-initiated cultural activities pay too, though. I noted that there is a Jockum Nordström exhibit at one art gallery, which will surely be visited. I need to get some exhibition listings.

The space-filling music used in shops here in Belgium is considerably different from that in Finland. Here you get a hefty dollop of syrupy, extremely well- or overproduced emotional RnB-ish pop at most every place. The serving is mostly something like Radio Nova, but you realize that the finnish taste for this filler music is considerably grittier.

Not to mention that many of the older finnish hit songs are downright quirky compared to the ultra-slick calculatedness which seems to be the norm here. It sounds somewhat like the music that’s made when a high-budget Hollywood film is to feature some pop band or other as part of the plot. All that can be offset by listening to Animal Collective… which reminds me that I should check their new, supposedly excellent, record. Unless that uses up a limited resource – the internet connection. My italian flatmate likes to watch streamed TV, so I sincerely hope there isn’t a strict download per month limit.


Aand now something completely different: Doesn’t the girl/boy sailor sing straight to your heart about general cheapness and discounted washing detergent?



  1. Lasse
    Posted January 27, 2009 at 09:15 | Permalink

    You’ve got me a new daily habit, following the day of Mr Hilden. Rather interesting, I’d say.
    Keep on going.

  2. Jockum
    Posted January 30, 2009 at 17:33 | Permalink


    When googling my name many years ago (and still!) the name Jockum Nordström always pops up and I feel that through him I am famous as well.

    There seems to be a lot of strange and fun things about Antwerpen, so I’m sure that the city will keep you entertained for at least 6 months, enjoi

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