Tuesday meant registration at the main exchange office and a good way to get a stroll to yet another area of Antwerp, but still some paperwork was left hanging: the fire insurance. I haven’t yet used public transportation, walking hasn’t become annoying yet so I’m happy to wait for the chance to buy a fixie/single. Which might mean going to Holland for one.




…can has plz?


The typical layout of Antwerp seems to be that houses are stacked like books on a shelf…


…so, sometimes they need book supports.



If this is some bundle deal I wonder what the shopkeeper was thinking.


At the EMG Frederik had brought his new “One Laptop per Child” computer. A neat, toyish device, with some innovative features like a fully swivelling screen that can function in black and white or color. The interface looks quite well made, and it comes with quirky features such as distance measuring that works by one laptop emitting a high-pitched sound which another can register to calculate the distance between them.



Lucas is trying out the laptop in the spacious EMG office. Some Nodebox printouts decorate the back wall.

Naturally the machine runs Linux and is fully open-source. Interestingly, it has no files or folders as such, but different activities that work as applications and store what you’ve been doing inside them. Many OLPC’s will form an interconnected network automatically, so that the presumptive kid users can trade information wirelessly. Sadly the project is a bit hampered by inner strife and other troubles. It’s slower than an Iphone, but also cheaper (even though the goal of 100$/piece hasn’t been reached).

The rest of the day I mostly fooled around with Nodebox and drew some ugly vector piecemeal artwork while listening to Frederic’s large collection of mashups. A funny thing about the mashups is that some songs really recur; maybe they’re especially suitable for it, or maybe they’re just silly enough.

On thursday we will have a meeting on the state and further goals for the Nodebox project. Until then I should also figure out my own part in the thing, what I can do and what I want to do. For now, I’ve started with studying the basics of Python coding. There will be lots of reading to do, and lots of independent work, so I need all the focus I can find.

In the more unfocused department, I noted that Körperwelter apparently is on show in Brussels. When I get my study card I might deem that mother of all modern atrocity exhibitions worthy of a visit! The price tag of 19 € isn’t too hefty considering the unique chance to see plastinated Chinese dissidents.

Then I read that Lost is starting on it’s fifth season. Oh my. But today even the school internet connection got really slow because the upper limit was apparently breached, so I’m more than a little queasy on heavy downloading. What a stupid state of affairs that is, limited downloading. A minor annoyance: Google went dutch on me and now returns dutch Wikipedia articles as first results. I probably should hack it’s location recognition.

I hope I’m not consuming too much of my download limit listening to Belgian indie pop, a large part of which is not terribly exciting. Many of the bands do a cringe-inducing brand of highschoolishly emotional indie pop with lyrics wielding heavy two-handed metaphors, not really Emo, but somewhat embarrassing. Still, probably one should go check a gig with local bands – there are some mini-festivals coming up in february.  Despite the fact that some of the belgian acts set new standards in the harshly competetive genre of moronic band names. Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat… Benny Zen & The Syphillis Mad Men…

–Hey, so what’d you do in the weekend?
–Well, nothing much, had a few beers,
saw Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat
–You what?

Or how about this lineup ( it’s the entire one for an event on the 7th of february): Gino’s Eyeball, Icarus, Johnny Unstoppable, Anytime, Timer, Everyone Dies Alone, Face the Fax, milk the fish, Angelskin, Winterblind, Moneymaker, Dieselrocker and Dj LacieMouse

LOL. I particularly like that the bands Timer and Anytime are playing at the same event… and last I checked, LaCie makes portable harddrives, not mice. Well, at least Face the Fax is an excellent name.



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  1. H&M
    Posted January 27, 2009 at 20:48 | Permalink

    I had to comment because that book support thingie is so amazingly cool! Also your internet-problems give me flashback about the Australian dial-up. Happy times.
    But anyway, I wish you endurance with the independent work.

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