Monthly Archives: February 2009

art, hardly works

For me  the borderlines workshop meant some interesting meetings and discussions around art. Particularly it helped to clear my personal position with regards to that nebulous word. I hadn’t discussed so much with people working in fine art contexts before, so this was in many ways interesting. I realized that I do prefer working from […]


The train station again. On wednesday a small group of the workshoppers (me, Caroline and Ineke) made an excursion to Gent to see an exhibit on Mark Manders. It turned out to relate nicely to the game of assembling rubbish and found objects. He also had some interesting textual projects, like a newspaper filled with […]

the closeness of refuse

In Finland, junk, as everything, is carefully defined and sorted in its own location in society. If one disrupts this, there will be a grunt of disapproval, at the least. Helsinki, a city that seems like an illustration of Focaultian themes of control and order. Here in Belgium these little boxes overlap or dissolve. A […]