Pictured above is mijn huis, photographed on thursday morning looking north. My apartment is the two top left-facing (in the picture, that is) windows of the corner building. Interestingly, the corner apartment isn’t accessed from our stairway, so either it is empty or somehow reached from the building with the red-lined windows. I’d wager that it might be empty though, because two of the windows are blind fakes in plaster, and one has a hole. Then one can but wonder what is in that inaccessible apartment…

The improbably beautiful weather has continued ceaselessly since I arrived. It is still cold, especially in the night, but during the days the sun gives some springly warmth.



Marnixplaats is graced by a gigantic statue in a heroic 19th-century vein; each four sides of the piedestal has an ominous-looking eyeless character carved into it. The statue apparently commemorates the 1863 liberalization of the Shelde river from Dutch tolls control, which signified the full independence of Belgium. Judging from the context then, Mr Beardy must be some sort of Poseidon, but to me he looks more like some mould-covered cousin of the Frost King.



Right next to Marnixplaats is a something I believed was a meeting room for some design agency, but apparently it is a concept hotel. The gigantic vinkelpetter lamps  somehow remind me of Claus Oldenburg’s enormous sculptures … I do have a soft spot for wrong-sized everyday objects. I’ve come to realize that the neighbourhood where I live is right next to the posh-hippest region of Antwerp, with all the galleries, restaurants and cafeterias you expect of such areas. Straight to the north is then the fashion shopping district, so I’m not exactly complaining about the location.


…UNITE! Panos is an ubiquitous chain of baguette fast food restorants, famous for its subtle and tasteful advertising and general high standars of design. The Antwerpers sustain themselves mainly on filled baguettes called Broodje smos during workdays.


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  1. Philip and Ingeborg
    Posted February 2, 2009 at 14:46 | Permalink

    Hej, tack vare din pappa fick vi ta del av dina öden och äventyr i Antwerpen! Lycka till i fortsättningen!!

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