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On monday morning I was surprised to discover that it was snowing in a most finnish fashion. The statue figure was most definetely a frost king now.


When I returned home from the office the same evening, all the white had melted away, so completely that it was as if it did never happen. After monday, the weather turned into “regular Belgian weather” according to Frederik. This means a humidity that is high enough to almost count as rain, occasionally turning into actual rain. I find it much more pleasant than the normal Helsinki winter that covers the streets in dirty slush.

Life here has settled into a normal rythm, the regular morning walk to the EMG office at Sint Lucas becoming optimized for the windling street choices. I cook something resembling food every evening, and managed to attended one yoga lesson at Antwerp Yoga; the facilities there are quite luxurious. As an annoyance I have contracted the flu again… the chilly apartment isn’t providing ideal conditions for getting well but spring is not that far away.

Today, a week after the presumed arrival, I finally managed to catch a glimpse of the third inhabitant of the flat. Before that, it was even unclear wether it was a boy or a girl, because the name was Dominique, and his/her mother had made the rental agreement. But Dominique and his mother were here arranging things, and he was revealed to be a boy, not very old. He’s probably moving away from home for the first time.


I want year 2000 compliance too!


Among exchange students, it is customary to adhere to a spartan but healthy diet.


I just can’t figure out if there’s any logic to the larger red capitals. They don’t spell out any sensible message: VICII CI DMI D ULII LID IDI C DCCI DLLI VDUY… Although, apart from the Y at the end, they could be Roman numerals. Mysterious. But I like the untutored quality of the calligraphy.


A lightning fixture seller on Nationalstraat had made his very own Dan Flavin piece. “Hey, I could do that!”



A house was being taken apart near Sint Lucas.


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