Comparative geography


Due to some curiosity regarding the distances here in Antwerp, I combined images from Google Earth at the same scale, both centered roughly at the city center. For Antwerp, that is Groenplaats and for Helsinki, Erottaja.

The blue cross marks my apartment in Antwerp. An immediately noticeable aspect is that the block-size in Helsinki is comparatively larger. The blocks and the street grid are much more regular. Antwerp is a compact city; most of the town fits in the image, and what counts as the center area would fit neatly in the Helsinki peninsula.

The cities are relatively similar in size by population, Helsinki being 574,579, Antwerp housing some 100,000 less with 472,071. I had to double-check to verify that the scale indeed is the same; Helsinki looks to be pictured from a much smaller distance.

Notable is also how effectively the Antwerp’s spread is stemmed by the Schelde. On the west side is the 70’s suburb Linkeroever, but the city hasn’t continued its spread in that direction.


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