Monthly Archives: March 2009

More or less is more

It was an utter coincidence that had me going to the BEMF, Brussels Electronic Music Festival. At the forgettable museum night a couple of weeks back, I happened to notice the poster for the event featuring names like Alva Noto, Pole, Jan Jelinek and Byetone. Of those, Pole was the most familiar and I decided […]

Heavy heritage

On friday the 20th I finally visited the famed Plantin-Moretus-museum. My mother had arrived for an extended weekend visit here the day before, so I had suitable company – not everyone is up to that amount of old books. The museum is the old house of the Plantin press, a workplace, a home and a […]

Compressed journal

When you don’t have or take the time to write it gets compressed. This should mostly be an useful thing, since it kills off some verbosity. Not that I would be verbose, ever. Never happened. Unheard of. So, what’s happened since the last regular journal update? David Byrne was an quick aside; but the week […]