This data is just mosh

glitchframe from download-finished

The interesting technique of glitching up compressed video by removing or disturbing select keyframes has recently got an upswing in attention, owing to a new Kanye West video and a video for a song by the band Chairlift (that seems to be regarded as rubbish with touching unanimousity).

You have probably seen the effect when a digital tv signal or an streamed loses some frames; strange things happen with characters and backgrounds blending together. Takeshi Murata is an artist who has done some interesting things with this approach, which now suddently goes under the name “datamoshing”.

Sven König and Mediegruppe Bitnik have made a site, download-finished, where you can try this yourself with p2p videos.On Rhizome you can check some discussions about the technique and some more clips.


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