The squares are breeding

I’ve played around with simple one-dimensional cellular automata the past few days. A first unsuccessful attempt led to a hardly functioning one of my own creation; but on monday Frederik looked up the correct logic behind the pattern making from Stephen Wolfram’s “A New Kind of Science” and then things started happening, so to speak.

If you are curious about cellular automata, you could do no better than checking out the neat open source program Golly; available for all relevant platforms, it includes an implementation of Conway’s Game of Life and other automata. Guaranteed amusement for half an hour, and a possibility for endless tinkering if you are that way inclined: people have made calculators and whatnot with the Game of Life.


This above is rule 18 from Wolfram’s system, incidentally forming Sierpinski triangles.

I had an idea to wrap these patterns around concentric circles instead of a regular grid. Using arcs, segmented circles can be created:


Then combining this with the patterns generated by the cellular automata, and thus:


The topmost pattern is rule 18 again, the Sierpinski triangles; now twisted into a weird mandala.


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