Endless, endless

This is already from a while back, but sufficiently interesting to share. I went and saw some films at Muhka Media by british artist Stuart Croft, who currently has a work exhibited here in Antwerp. He works with the genre conventions of film and tv, bringing them in a sometimes unexpected way to the gallery space.

The most interesting aspect about his work, however, is that he plays with the situation of a film running in a gallery space. Since the viewer might start watching a film at any point on the timeline, his films are made as loops with no clear beginning or end. To make sense of the story, however, one has to watch it through or even several times.

On his website you can watch excerpts of the films: www.stuartcroft.com/films

Picture from The Death Waltz” (2008).

Many are rather like an elaboration of the classic cyclical joke: It was a dark and stormy night. Four brigans were sitting silently around a fire in the woods. Suddently, the oldest one lifted his head, and slowly started to tell a story: “It was a dark and stormy night…”


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