Monthly Archives: May 2009

The Capital of Taste

Before embarking on my journey to the poster festival in Ljubljana,  Caroline and me visited the townlet known as Hasselt – Hoofdstad van de Smaak. It remained a bit of a mystery why the city was sporting that slogan, but the striking impression from that sunday was that “Hoofdstad vad de Slaap” would have fitted […]

Canvas Work I

Here’s an outline on the project I’ve been working on lately. What goes under the work name of Canvas Program is a sort of minimal drawing software, that uses a pre-defined set of geometric basics. The approach is somewhat informed by the shape grammars, although no such functionality is yet implemented. The program has it’s […]

The village isn’t going away after all

When I heard about Doel, a small village on the Schelde, some 20 km from the center of Antwerpen, I was intrigued. Doel is situated a few hefty stone’s throws from a nuclear power station, and has been under the threat of destruction due to expansion plans for the city’s harbour. Looking at the demographics, […]