Antwerpen Sampler #1

As I write this, my official stay here in Antwerpen has come to a close. So it is a time as good as any to air some old pictures. There will be more at some point, and they might have a perceptibly different look to them, since I through an unfortunate series of events, have recently parted ways with trusty old G9. Now go out with Lumix LX3, who fits the bill rather nicely too.


The first of may, the communists are marching. Multatuli is the pen name of one Eduard Douwes Dekker,  The Dutch writer was an satirist and an early critic of the colonial abuse by Holland. The fair-trade brand Max Havelaar takes it’s name from his literary breakthrough novel. The pseudonym comes from latin:  “I have suffered much”, or, more literally “I have borne much”.

Some flea-market finds:


It is beautiful, but what is it?


“Wij zijn NIET te koop” – we are NOT for sale. So, what the heck are you doing there?


I thought it said “God sees me, here one cannot escape” but it simply forbids you to swear in his sight. Pleasant in any case.


I should’ve bought it, but puerile army marching band music is not my favourite.


The local launderette even has retro washing powder. I wonder if they are using up some stash from the seventies…


A view along the kaai.


Sitting on the kaai, what mostly functions as the park here in Antwerpen. Photo by Caroline.


There was a mother of a thunderstorm one night, and I sat up trying to catch a lightning hitting that antenna. It never did. Strangely, most of the discharges stayed in the clouds.


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