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…made visible

Señor Coconut was a silly novelty project from around the millennium-shift, which saw Kraftwerk classics among other songs remodelled into “latin” versions. The man behind that undying contribution to western music was german Uwe Schmidt, now residing in Chile. No-one could be blamed for doubting that he would release anything very significant after that. However, […]

The Capital of Taste

Before embarking on my journey to the poster festival in Ljubljana,  Caroline and me visited the townlet known as Hasselt – Hoofdstad van de Smaak. It remained a bit of a mystery why the city was sporting that slogan, but the striking impression from that sunday was that “Hoofdstad vad de Slaap” would have fitted […]

Mini visit

On the 18th Kennet from Finlad came for a visit. I went to Amsterdam to meet him, and we spent the evening poking around that city of channels, potheads and prostitution. It’s hard to tell, Amsterdam isn’t perhaps the easiest city to get into if you just pop there, so I won’t pass any judgement. […]