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It never changes to stop

Ljubljana then, the reason to travel there being the Poster Festival Ljubljana ’09. The event itself consisted of an international poster competition on the theme of climate change with entries submitted in march, and a four-day workshop around the same subject, for students from the partner universities of the festival. For us in the finnish […]

The Capital of Taste

Before embarking on my journey to the poster festival in Ljubljana,  Caroline and me visited the townlet known as Hasselt – Hoofdstad van de Smaak. It remained a bit of a mystery why the city was sporting that slogan, but the striking impression from that sunday was that “Hoofdstad vad de Slaap” would have fitted […]

The village isn’t going away after all

When I heard about Doel, a small village on the Schelde, some 20 km from the center of Antwerpen, I was intrigued. Doel is situated a few hefty stone’s throws from a nuclear power station, and has been under the threat of destruction due to expansion plans for the city’s harbour. Looking at the demographics, […]