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It never changes to stop

Ljubljana then, the reason to travel there being the Poster Festival Ljubljana ’09. The event itself consisted of an international poster competition on the theme of climate change with entries submitted in march, and a four-day workshop around the same subject, for students from the partner universities of the festival. For us in the finnish […]

Canvas Work I

Here’s an outline on the project I’ve been working on lately. What goes under the work name of Canvas Program is a sort of minimal drawing software, that uses a pre-defined set of geometric basics. The approach is somewhat informed by the shape grammars, although no such functionality is yet implemented. The program has it’s […]

The squares are breeding

I’ve played around with simple one-dimensional cellular automata the past few days. A first unsuccessful attempt led to a hardly functioning one of my own creation; but on monday Frederik looked up the correct logic behind the pattern making from Stephen Wolfram’s “A New Kind of Science” and then things started happening, so to speak. […]