If there’s a single thing that will stay with me from Venice, it is certainly the arrival. Suddently a misty sea in sunrise appears between the tobacco-yellow curtains of the night train from Ljubljana. Small boats speed alongside the train as we approach the city. Only few seem to arrive here by train, in my […]

Beside the change

Apart from our work in the workshop, we had time to see the town, and participate in the openings of the “coexistence” and “masterpieces” exhibitions. The first one was something of an epic belly-flop, but the masters for the most enarned deserved the title for their socio-political posters. There were many classic ones on display, […]

The village isn’t going away after all

When I heard about Doel, a small village on the Schelde, some 20 km from the center of Antwerpen, I was intrigued. Doel is situated a few hefty stone’s throws from a nuclear power station, and has been under the threat of destruction due to expansion plans for the city’s harbour. Looking at the demographics, […]