It never changes to stop

Ljubljana then, the reason to travel there being the Poster Festival Ljubljana ’09. The event itself consisted of an international poster competition on the theme of climate change with entries submitted in march, and a four-day workshop around the same subject, for students from the partner universities of the festival. For us in the finnish […]

Den Haag

What better way to uncork april, than by a visit to Den Haag, the city of peace and justice. Didn’t make that line up: I was seeing Emma, also from TaiK back home in Finland, who is doing her exchange at KABK. Of course, apart from the peace and justice, Den Haag is well known […]

Daily basis

These pictures are taken over a longer period, during which summer suddently arrived, at least nearly. En butik med ett lustigt namn, ha, ha, ha. Don’t ask me. Net-art. http://WEBCRA.SH The above pics are all from an exhibition opening in Extra City. Try the adress on the banner, it’s a one-purpose site by Newrafael. Eating […]